Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Robes

I like hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house. It’s fun to plan the menu and make special dishes. But I’m never sure how many guests I’m going to have. My daughter and her family always come, but we have a few other relatives in the area that come some years but not others. This year I’ve also invited a friend who still doesn’t know if she’ll make it.

Regardless of who’s here, I’m getting out the china and crystal and I’m going to dress up. It’s not just the food that makes it a feast. It’s a celebration of the blessings God has poured down on us, so the atmosphere is important too.

I think atmosphere is important to God too. When He planned a wedding feast for His Son, He expected the guests to dress up. The guest list included all the people of Israel. Sadly, the invited guests refused to come. Some of them ignored His invitation and others beat up and killed His messengers.

So He filled the wedding hall with uninvited guests. They weren’t exactly the kind you’d expect at a prince’s wedding. But He not only got out the china and crystal, he provided dressy robes for them all to wear. Somehow, someone got into the party without putting on a wedding robe. When the King noticed him, he was thrown out.

I’m really honored to have been invited to the banquet. I wasn’t on the original guest list; I was one of the people on the street corner. But I got to dress up in the robe of righteousness He gave me so I know I belong. I’m enjoying the feast, but I suspect there are a few people here who aren’t wearing wedding robes.

As I fill my plate with the good things on the table, I’m reminded that it’s not my job to judge the other guests. I should be welcoming them to the feast. 

“I’m glad you’re here too. Isn’t the food great? And look, He’s given us some beautiful clothes to wear. What do you think of my pure white robe? You can have one too. There’s the robing room. Why don’t you go in and let Him dress you? He’s standing at the door waiting. Then we can enjoy His bounty together. Then we can celebrate the wedding of His son. Please hurry, I don’t want you to miss anything.”

Because guess what. It turns out we’re the bride as well as the guests.

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