Monday, April 30, 2012

God's Creation

Four year old Zoey is fascinated by caterpillars. She has to stop and pet every one she sees, which makes a walk down the driveway a safari. She likes ladybugs too. And she stops to listen when she hears a rooster crow. She knows who made the caterpillars, lady bugs and roosters and she knows He made her too. Zoey loves God’s creation. His name fills her world and when I look, I see it too: in the ducks on the pond, the deer prints in the mud, the bear crossing the road, the sun shining through the trees, the red sunset, the surf on the beach.

I have my own little part of that creation to care for. I get to plant flowers and watch them bloom. I get to watch the hummingbirds hover around my feeder. His glory and majesty grow in my yard. 

The sky has always been one of my favorite parts of creation, especially the night sky when I can see the millions of stars. I love it on a clear day too, when it’s the bluest blue and goes on forever. When I was a teen, my friends thought I was pretty self-centered when I told them that God made the sky for me. What I tried to make them understand is that He made it for them too. What made me stand in awe was that the creator of all that beauty thinks of me.

But He’s not just here in the earth. His glory is higher than the heavens. It fills the earth and goes beyond it; it’s bigger than creation. I marvel at the part of the earth I see, but He’s beyond that. I can only try to imagine Him. 

So how can He even care about little me? Why should I matter to Him? I’m just one small part of His huge creation. Yet He made me in His image.

When I forget how much He loves me and start to feel sorry for myself, I can go outside and take in the beauty of His creation. Then I’ll forget myself and say with the Psalmist:

 O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!


  1. JUST what I needed today Phee --thanks

  2. Romans tells us that we have no excuse because God has revealed himself so clearly in nature. Your blog was a good reminder of that. Thanks!

  3. There's so much we can learn about God from His creation. His beauty is right outside my door.