Monday, December 9, 2013

Stupid Sheep

Every nativity scene has sheep in it, but, within the story, the sheep aren’t very important. On the other hand, the Shepherd is the main character, although no one knows Him as the Shepherd yet. But, if you’ll allow me to mix metaphors a bit, if Jesus is the Shepherd, we’re the sheep. And we do have a role in the story. We’re the recipients of the love and grace that sent the Shepherd.

The reason the Shepherd came was because the sheep were lost and needed a savior. When the Shepherd came, He searched for His lost sheep and called them by name. 

He found us. He saved us.

So when you look at your nativity scene this year, after you thank God for the Baby, remember that you’re in the story too. You’re that little lamb off on the side. You’re the recipient of the good news that brings great joy. 


This week, Ruby's search takes her outside of the United States. Enjoy.

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