Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dress for the Day

I used to be an advisor to student organizations at a large public university. I helped them navigate the university bureaucracy when they planned parties. I also attended the parties as a chaperone and go-between with the staff of their venues. The parties were quite an eye-opener for a missionary kid like me. At 10:00 pm the guests were just arriving and the dancing didn’t really get started until midnight. If they served alcohol it was in a separate room where id’s could be checked, but many of the party goers left the venue to drink and then came back to dance. Most drank heavily before they arrived. One night I saw a group head straight for the bathroom when they arrived, but one of their party didn’t make it and stopped to throw up in a trash can. That’s what I think of when I read Paul’s words about wild parties and drunkenness. 

Something else that amazed me at the parties was the clothes worn by my students. Girls that were fairly modest when I saw them in my office, dressed in skimpy tight dresses and incredibly high heels for the late night parties.

I don’t think the behavior of these students was unique and I’m sure it probably wasn’t even wild by the secular world’s standards. During the day these party goers were hard working students and leaders of their organizations. They cared about others and fought for admirable causes.

Paul knew that everyone has evil desires. That includes me. But unlike my non-Christian students, I shouldn’t find ways to indulge them. 

Even back in Paul’s time, night was for immoral living, drunkenness, sexual immorality and wild parties. Daytime was for decent living. It’s still true. I need to remember the difference. I need to always remember that I live in the day, and not do anything that should be hidden by darkness. 

That means clothing myself with Jesus’ presence.  I should wear Him so that everyone can see Him. 

That means loving the way God loves. (I John 4:16-17)

That means dressing for the day, not for the night.

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