Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Point of View

I usually don’t like novels that have multiple points of view. When I’m absorbed by the story, jumping to another character is an interruption for me. I know that authors use this device to give their readers information that the main character doesn’t have. But the primary point of view has to come from the main character. 

Jesus told His followers not to see things from a human point of view. As the Author of creation, He knew that God’s point of view is the one that matters because God is the main character.

But in this case – real life – the main character knows things that the rest of us don’t know. We’re not the readers; we’re the minor characters. With our limited knowledge and personal biases, God’s point of view sometimes appears pretty radical. I’m sure it wouldn’t if we knew the whole story. As it is, we have to accept what the Author tells us.

God’s Point of View: The big event in the story was Jesus’ suffering and death and resurrection.

Human Point of View: That can’t happen. The main character doesn’t die and what is this talk about resurrection?  The minor characters don’t believe because they don’t understand who Jesus really is.

This is the point where the Bad Guy is introduced. It turns out that the human point of view is really Satan’s point of view. The minor characters not only lack faith and understanding, they don’t even have original ideas. They get them from the Bad Guy.

But the Author moves the story forward, calling all the minor characters over to share God’s point of view. He wants them to understand the main themes of the story.

The minor characters are asked to turn from our selfish ways, take up our crosses and follow the Author. We need to stop thinking of ourselves as important characters. He wants us to accept our roles, which include suffering and even death for others. He draws a contrast between His point of view and that of the Bad Guy, who disguises himself in the World.

The World’s Point of View: Try to hang on to your life; live for yourself and ignore the future even though you know that in the end you’ll lose your life. 

God’s Point of View: If you give up your life for Jesus’ sake and for the sake of the Good News, you will save it. 

World’s Point of View: The world is attractive and it’s something to strive for, and don’t worry about your soul.

God’s Point of View: The world is worthless if you’ve lost your soul. Your soul is what has value.

World’s Point of View: Jesus and His message are embarrassing. The other characters will think you’re weird or will persecute you if you proclaim it openly.

God’s Point of View: What God thinks matters more than what those around you think. So tell others about Him.

Point of view matters. But what’s more important, is understanding Whose point of view matters.

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