Saturday, November 10, 2012

Now That It's Over

Being a Christian who lives in a democracy and enjoys politics isn’t easy. I have opinions about the issues that everyone’s talking about and I have the right and responsibility to choose candidates who support my position. I try to take positions that are pleasing to God and supported by scripture. But I have Christian friends who do the same and yet have very different positions. And I have non-Christian friends who think Christians are prejudiced and hateful. 

Now that the election is over, I have little doubt in which direction the country will be going on many of the issues I think are important. My friends and family are still talking and posting about them and I’ve been tempted to respond with my opinion, but it’s clear from scripture that my opinion is not what matters. 

These scriptures show the attitude God wants from His people, no matter what kind of government we have.


God is the ultimate authority. He is in control of His entire creation, including the country I live in. Rather than be afraid of my future (or my grandchildren’s future), I should fear God. He’s the One who decides our future. I should trust Him to care for me and those I love because He has promised that He will. Before I think about politics, before I worry about who’s in the Oval Office, before I decide who to vote for, I should bow before the Sovereign God.


That’s a tough one. I have sometimes yelled at my car radio while listening to the news, and even called politicians names. There are plenty of them who have not only made scary decisions, but have also done despicable things. In my mind, they don’t deserve respect. But whether I like the people in power or whether they are honorable or worthy of respect, God says to respect them.

He has appointed them.

Who am I to question God? 

According to Merriam-Webster, respect is high and special regard. Holding the president in high regard means speaking about him positively. It means giving him the special attention I give to those I love most. It means praying for him.


God not only wants me to be respectful of those in authority, He especially wants me to love other Christians. That’s a whole lot more important than who I vote for. In political conversations, especially the distant ones on Facebook, it’s easy to be negative and it’s easy to argue. So when I disagree with my brothers and sisters, I should do it lovingly. When I’m loving, the world will notice.
Government’s job is to make people do right and punish those who do wrong. If I do what is right and obey God, I have nothing to fear from government. 

Wait. When I look at history – or even at recent attacks on our religious rights – I see lots of times when Christians have had good reason to be afraid. But government is God’s servant.  

I may not like what is happening under our current leadership and it may get worse. But God has set our president and congressmen in authority. My response to that authority is to respect and submit to it. And more importantly, I should continue to love other Christians.

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