Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Remain Confident

There’s so much to be afraid of. A man could walk into my grandson’s school and shoot him. The economy could keep getting worse and we won’t have enough to live on when we retire. One of the terrorist groups could get through our defenses and bomb my home. This year a hurricane could hit Myrtle Beach. Someone I love could get cancer (again).

I don’t really sit around worrying about these things. I know God cares for me and will take care of me and those I love.

This Psalm reinforces that. God is our light and our salvation. God’s light is more than being able to see. God’s Light (Jesus) is what saves us. And that salvation is so much more than just knowing I’m going to heaven.

According to the Psalmist:

I don’t need to be afraid; I can be confident even if I’m attacked.

I can live in the house of the Lord where He will hide me when troubles come.

God has called me to fellowship with Him and He will hold me close, even if others abandon me.

He will teach me how to live and lead me along the right path.

These promises aren’t just what I can look forward to in Heaven. I will see His goodness while I’m alive.

All I have to do is wait patiently for Him.

There’s so much I could be afraid of. But there’s no need. The light is shining and He will and does save me.

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