Saturday, June 29, 2013


The theme of our VBS this year is to introduce the kids to some of the names of God. It’s a difficult topic and has led to some deep discussions about the nature of God. I have a group of kids who want to know more about Him so they can understand Him better. So far we’ve learned about Elohim – the Creator, El Elyon – the Lord Most High, and Immanuel – God with us (whom we know as Jesus).

The kids asked some hard questions while they were trying to put all these concepts together. One question we struggled with was how God can be everywhere. They looked around the field where we were gathered in groups under tents and tried to picture God standing in each tent. They clearly see Jesus with us, but how can He be with the kids in the other tents at the same time? God, of course, has revealed Himself in His creation and I was able to use air as an example of one thing being everywhere to help them understand. (Yes, one of the boys brought up molecules, but he got the concept.)

Then we went on to talk about God being in Heaven. God is in Heaven sitting on a throne, so is Jesus sitting on the same throne or does He have a different one? How can Jesus be the same as God when God was present as a dove at Jesus’ baptism?

Hard questions with no easy answers, but we all agreed that we can’t expect to completely understand God. After all, He’s God.

The throne question made me curious, so I looked up the verses I could find about the throne of God. Setting aside the imagery ones about the heavens and His people being his throne, I focused on the visions of Isaiah, Daniel and John. I didn’t really find any clarity (did I really expect to?) but one thing has emerged for me.

Jesus is the Son of Man who approaches the Ancient One. He has authority, honor and sovereignty and His rule is eternal.

Only God is sovereign and only God is eternal.

I may not be able to explain this very well to my kids because I don’t understand it very well myself. But I know that Jesus is God.

Jesus made me. He’s Elohim – the Creator.

Jesus is my Lord. He’s El Elyon – the Lord Most High.

And Jesus is with me. He’s Immanuel – God with us.

It makes me want to worship with the ones who lay their crowns before the throne. Jesus is worthy to receive glory and honor and power.

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