Friday, May 4, 2012

For Those Not Yet Born

I’m fortunate to have some relatives who have researched our genealogies. I also have copies of letters written by several of my ancestors. The record of their lives includes their faith and I’m blessed when I read it. I like knowing who my ancestors were and how they served the Lord. But I seldom think about future generations of my family. I’m grateful that my children know God and my grandchildren are being raised to know Him too. But this psalm is for my great-grandchildren and their children . . . 

God looked down from Heaven and saw a world full of prisoners condemned to die. He came to free them from their bondage and all the nations will praise Him. The Gospel summarized in two verses.

Thousands of years ago, the message of salvation was recorded for future generations. I was one of those not yet born. But the chain continues and there are many more to come.

As a writer, I can’t help reading this Psalm as not only a message of hope, but also as an admonition. 

Write a message for those not yet born. 

My writing is not just a pastime. It’s not just a passion. It’s not even just a service to God. My writing is a record for my great-grandchildren. 

Just as my ancestors recorded their salvation for me, I should write about my salvation. That doesn’t mean that everything I write has to include a salvation message. It doesn’t even have to have an explicit Christian message. But everything I write must rest on my salvation. God saw my bondage and sent Jesus to free me. I stand with all the generations and nations to praise Him for it. The joy of that freedom should shine through in everything I write.

I want to help those not yet born to praise the Lord.


  1. What an encouragement to record God's work in our lives for future generations. I have been struck recently by how often God told Israel to 'remember' what He had done in the past, to take a look backwards at their history. Recording our faith journey gives future generations the opportunity to look back and remember what God has done in our own family. This gives writing my silly blogs a whole new perspective. Thanks!

  2. Remember how Screwtape described the Church? I love being reminded that it is ahead of us as well as behind us.