Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Worth Celebrating

Ten years ago, it looked like my son had no future. He lay in a hospital bed in a coma, having suffered a stroke. If he recovered there was the possibility of brain damage and he would face a battle against leukemia. Although that week was the worst of my life, in one way it was the best. I was closer to God than I had ever been or have been since. I learned what it truly means to pray without ceasing as I poured my heart out to Him. 

Like the Psalmist, my soul found rest in God alone. He was my fortress and I wasn’t shaken. Even though my heart was broken, I could honestly tell a friend, “It is well with my soul.”

I also clung to the promise in Romans 8:32 that God, who had given me His son, would also give me all things. I’m still in awe of the loving God who gave me His Son and then gave me back mine. On Mother’s Day, the doctors said there was no more hope. That afternoon, our church elders anointed him with oil and prayed for him. The next day, Neal woke up. He slowly recovered from the stroke and survived two bone marrow transplants. Today, he’s in complete remission, a college graduate, a writer and a loving husband. He’s a living reminder that God is powerful and God is loving.

Ten years is a milestone worth celebrating.
Ten years of hope. 
Ten years of mercy. 
Ten years of love and life and joy. 
Ten years of resting in God’s strength and unfailing love.

Celebrate with me.


  1. Thank you for sharing, Phee. We also praise God for His mercy with Neal and your family.

  2. We rejoice with you in this awesome revelation of Jehovah Ropi. What a wonderful gift of knowing God belongs to our family!

  3. AMEN -- God is consistent...He is forever keeping us in mind...and has an overflowing abundant and everlasting LOVE for each of us!

  4. I remember those days so well. I also remember your response to me when I asked how you were doing, "God and I had to wrestle over this, but we are okay now." I knew it was well with your soul. I have shared those particular words with a number of people over the years. Sometimes we do 'wrestle' with God, but by His grace we reach the point of saying, It is well with my soul.

    Thanks for the reminder of God's wonderful working in your son's life.