Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It’s About Jesus

 Recently I have found myself in disagreement with some friends about interpretation of scripture. This is something I have to be very careful about because I love being right. After a lifetime of reading the Bible, and sometimes actually studying it, I’m pretty vocal with my opinions. So this disagreement has given God an opportunity to remind me that I’m not the expert - He is. 

I’ve had to dig into the Word to see what it really says about the issues we’re disagreeing about. I’ve had to look up verses to read them in context and I’ve had to research what others have written. I’ve also been reminded that even orthodox teachings must be supported by a correct interpretation of scripture.

This has been good for me and I look forward to how God will continue to work out the disagreements with my friends. But these two verses are a reminder that while disagreements about doctrine must be resolved, we have to do it as the citizens of heaven my friends and I are. 

Above all, we must conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the good news about Christ. We must stand together with one purpose and one spirit. Our purpose is to fight together for the faith and to worship God forever.

Studying the Bible is important to our growth as Christians, and getting it right is necessary to protect the faith. In our discussions, I think my friends and I are fighting for the faith. But Paul says the faith is the Good News. We can’t get so bogged down in points of doctrine that we forget the core truth. 

The Good News is about Jesus. 

The faith is about Jesus.

Above all, we must remember that we were saved by Jesus; we are His children.

The only reason the scriptures and how we interpret them matter is because they are about Jesus.
My prayer is that the Spirit of God will help my friends and me to remember we share the Good News about Jesus.

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