Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Love the Truth

God hates lies. Stop doing it. 

God hates stealing. Stop doing it.

When God’s people stole from others and swore falsely in God’s name, He cursed them. The curse was banishment from the land and the total destruction of the houses where it occurred. That’s a pretty serious punishment. Since God is just it must mean that the crime was pretty serious.

We live in a society that accepts these two things as ordinary. On the individual level we take pens home from work and we fudge on our taxes. We say we’re okay when we’re not and we don’t bother returning library books. On a societal level we accept exaggerated claims in our advertising and we expect our politicians not to always tell the truth.

How can Christians please God by living in this world?

God loves His people. They angered Him when they turned away from Him and lived lives that were characterized by lying. But later He wanted to bless them and He was determined to do it. What they had to do was tell the truth. Individuals had to tell the truth to each other. The courts had to render true and just verdicts. They had to stop loving lies.

That’s what He really wants. We Christians should stop telling lies, but what God wants is for us to stop loving lies. He wants us to love the truth, just as He does. Actions follow the attitude of the heart. So, regardless of the attitude of the society I live in, I want to love truth. I don’t want to stretch it when it’s convenient or to protect myself. I don’t want to accept little white lies. I want to love what God loves.

He loves the truth. He doesn’t lie.

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