Monday, June 4, 2012

What to Tell Unbelievers

I was saved when I was five, raised in a Christian home and attended Christians schools. I have truly lived a blessed life, but when it comes to witnessing to non-believers, I have a definite disadvantage. I don’t really know how to approach them because I don’t understand how they think (or not think) about God.

Paul should have had that problem too, but he knew exactly what to say. This passage can be a text for me to learn how to explain God to unbelievers.

He’s the creator of everything in the world. That means He’s not part of it. We won’t find Him in each of us, or living in nature. He’s something other than anything in the world. 

He owns it all. Because He made everything, it all belongs to Him. He’s the ruler of it all and He decides how to use it for His ends.

He is everywhere. We can’t point to a particular place and say that is where God is. 

He is self-sufficient. He doesn’t need anything and there is nothing we can do for Him that He can’t do for Himself.

He is the source of life. That means He not only made the world, but He made living beings and gave us life. Every breath we take comes from Him, so He sustains our lives. Our entire lives and all we do are dependent on Him.

He created societies and nations and rules them. He decides their fates and His purpose for them is that they look for Him and find Him.  

He is not an idol and we can’t make an image and say that is Him. He is not an idea or a philosophy or a spirit made by people. 

He is going to judge the world soon, but He’s waiting for us to repent of the evil things we do.

Jesus is God Himself, come to earth to bring us to repentance before He returns to judge the world. His resurrection is the proof that He is God.

These are the things that I should share with non-believers.

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