Friday, September 23, 2011

Gifts of Love

Here’s a list of some of the parts of Jesus’ Body. Whenever I see a list like this, I look for where I fit in it

apostles - nope
prophets - nope
teachers – of children and occasionally women
those who do miracles – not so far
those who have the gift of healing – don’t think so, but I pray for healing for others
those who can help others – don’t think it’s a gift, but I help out where I can
those who have the gift of leadership - sometimes
those who speak in unknown languages - never

Paul says I should desire the most helpful gifts. But I know what gifts the Spirit has given me and I’m not really wanting more. The ones I have are keeping me pretty busy. Since I know my gifts, I should desire to use them in the most helpful way I can.

TEACHING: I can help the Body in several ways with this gift. I can help others gain a better understanding of the Bible and of God’s ways. When we understand Him better, it will help us fulfill His purpose for us. I can also use it to teach the children of the church. As a teacher, I’m a partner with their parents. I’m helping them to raise their kids in the Lord.

HELPING OTHERS: There are lots of ways to help others. I can help meet their physical needs when they are suffering; I can help ease the burden when someone else has a big responsibility. I can show love by doing little things for others.

LEADERSHIP: I can use my organizational skills to encourage others to use their gifts. I can take the lead on programs that the church needs.

But no matter which gifts God has given me and how much I use them to help the church, there’s a better way. It’s love. When I read ahead to chapter 13, I see that the gifts are meaningless if they’re not motivated by love.

Love lasts forever, some of the gifts won’t.
Love is a way of life, no matter what gifts I have or don’t have.
Love should motivate the way I use my gifts and the way I live.
Love should be the way that I do everything.

I should use my gifts because I love God and the body.


  1. Love is a fruit of the Spirit. Submit to Him and all the rest will come true.

  2. That's so true. He is the one who works in us to produce His fruit - including love.