Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In Remembrance of Him

Usually I remember how much I’m blessed. But sometimes I let something get me down. Or sometimes I get down for no reason. When that happens, the best antidote is to remember how much Jesus loves me.

Meditating on the Lord’s Supper is a beautiful way to do that.

Right before Jesus was betrayed, He used the bread and wine to show His disciples what He was about to do and what it meant.

He thanked God and broke the bread.

He was about to suffer and yet He thanked God.
He was going to be beaten, nailed to a cross and die.
He broke His body to redeem me from the sin that separated me from God.
I eat the bread to remember the suffering He experienced to save me.

He took the cup of wine and talked about a New Covenant.

The cup is a new agreement between God and me.
The cup is His promise to wipe away the sin that condemned me to death.
The cup is the covenant confirmed with His blood.
I drink to remember His sacrifice for my sins.

Every time I eat the bread and drink the wine I am proclaiming His death. I’m remembering that Jesus died for my sins. 

There’s no love greater than this.

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