Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lord, Help

The Lord has redeemed me. So I’m speaking out to give Him thanks. He is good, His love lasts forever and He is faithful.

But I know someone who is sitting in deep darkness right now. Her prison is not made of bronze or iron, but it’s just as strong. She’s wandering in a wilderness of her own making, and she’s literally lost and homeless. I don’t know her well, but God brought her to me for prayer and has kept her on my heart since I met her. 

I can’t really relate to her circumstances because I’ve never been an exile and I’ve never been in bondage. But from the safety of God’s love, I can plead for my friend. Sometimes the words of the scripture are the best way to pray.

“Lord, my friend sits in darkness and deepest gloom, imprisoned in iron chains of misery. She rebelled against Your words, scorning the counsel of the Most High. I know that’s why You broke her with hard labor, but she fell, and no one was there to help her. Only you can make her cry, ‘Lord, help!’ in her trouble, and only You can save her from her distress. Please lead her from the darkness and deepest gloom; I beg You to snap her chains. Then, I know, she’ll praise You for Your great love and for the wonderful things You have done for her.”

I may never know the end of her story. But I know that He’ll break down her prison gates of bronze and cut apart her bars of iron. He is good, His love lasts forever and He is faithful.

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