Monday, October 3, 2011

Wedding Vows

Fearing God is a hard concept for me. My favorite view of Him has always been as my Heavenly Father. That’s probably because I have a wonderful father. I’ve never been afraid of my father because he is loving and kind, so I’ve never felt afraid of God. But when I think back to times I was naughty and deserved the spanking I got, I can begin to grasp what it means to fear someone who loves you. When I sin, God disciplines me and that can be a fearful thing.

But this verse has given me a new relationship to help me understand the fear of God.

The only oath that I’ve ever made is my wedding vow. Wayne and I were married before God and our vows were before Him, as well as to each other. So we got that part right. In God’s name, we vowed to love and honor each other until death separates us, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. And I vowed to obey Wayne.

I believe our marriage is blessed because we both fear the Lord, our God. Our motivation for keeping those vows is a desire to serve Him. If we are selfish or hurt each other, if we don’t love and honor each other, God is not pleased. When I do something to damage my marriage, I am responsible to Him, and I must repent before Him as well as tell Wayne I’m sorry.

I love Wayne because God loves me.
I honor Wayne because Jesus died for me.
I obey Wayne because God has placed him in authority over me.
I serve Wayne because Jesus humbled Himself to become a servant.
My commitment to Wayne is unwavering, regardless of our circumstances, because God’s love is unwavering.

And when I start loving myself more than Wayne, it’ll help to remember the vows I made before God and be fearful.

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