Monday, October 31, 2011

The Song of the Lamb

We were served communion at church today. It’s something we don’t do often enough for me, but I think because it’s infrequent, it highlights the sacrifice of the Lamb even more. When I take it, I often focus on what Jesus did for me, which is natural. I also spend the prayer time confessing my sins before I eat the bread or drink the wine. That is appropriate. 

But today’s verses prepared me to just worship Him for who He is. It’s a song I want to always sing and I hope my heart will learn it better and better.

Jesus, You are the Lamb who was sacrificed for the sins of the world. 

Your works are great and marvelous. Your creation is too amazing to comprehend and You are greater than Your creation. But Your salvation is even greater than Your other works. Your work of redemption makes us bow before You. I can stand in Your presence and worship You because You have justified me.

In the end everyone will know You and what You have done. It will be obvious to everyone that You have created. They will all worship You; they won’t be able help it because it’s the only response to Your glory.

You are the only Holy One; how can they not glorify Your name? There will be no more idols, no more self-worship. We will all fear You, the King of all the nations, the sovereign Lord of all creation.

You are the awesome judge and our fear of You is justified, for You are just and we deserve judgment. Your judgment is true; You are the Lord, the all powerful, the sovereign God.

You are the sacrificial Lamb.

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