Friday, August 26, 2011

A More Excellent Way

Life is hard for my grandson, Conor. He has some physical issues that at times frustrate the people who love him the most. He also has some emotional issues that make it hard for him to be the good little boy that everyone hopes for. But he’s also a loving and compassionate little boy and I love him to bits.

This week has been particularly hard for him, although on the surface he seems to be handling the stress from being in an accident and having Mommy in the hospital. But he’s been acting up more than usual. And I haven’t always responded with as much patience and compassion as I want to.

Last night while I was praying for Conor, I told the Lord I didn’t like my own response to his naughty behavior. I said, “There must be a more excellent way.” I don’t know why I used those words, but God immediately pointed out that I was using scripture (I Corinthians 12:31) and that He has shown me the most excellent way.

Conor is precious to me, and I love him immensely (did I already say that?). But now I’ve been reminded of some guidelines for expressing that love. I need to be patient and kind. I need to not be self-seeking (not now Conor, I’m busy) or easily angered (DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN) or keep a record of wrongs (why did you do it again?). But most of all I need to always protect Conor, always trust God, always hope for Conor’s healing, always persevere in my love.

When Eryn was in pre-school, we parents were told that each child has an IALAC. It’s an acronym for “I am loved and cherished.” We were cautioned never to damage our child’s ialac. Conor knows he’s loved and cherished. I want to contribute to that so it will remain with him for his whole life.

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