Friday, August 5, 2011

So Many Ways

There’s a news story in Christianity Today about the release of almost 70 massacre suspects in Pakistan. They were accused of killing 10 Christians, but a key witness fled the country, so they were given bail. Something about this case that stood out to me, is that the Christians were accused of desecrating the Qur’an, so the killers thought they were defending God. 

Jesus warned His followers that this would happen, but not to abandon their faith. As I sit in my comfortable sun room, having just read my Bible in preparation to go church tonight, persecution for my faith seems impossible.

But it could happen to me, and I pray God will strengthen my faith so I don’t abandon it if I am persecuted.

I have some very dear Jewish friends. They are practicing Jews and truly try to live their lives to please G-d. But they reject Jesus as their Messiah and think He is just a Christian prophet/god/teacher.
What makes me sad is that they have all the scripture Jesus and His disciples had, so they could see the truth about Messiah even without reading the New Testament. But they choose to follow the Law. And I know that will not save them because they can’t keep the whole Law.

I’m a bit of a legalist (something I ask God to correct in me), so I have to guard against letting rules and laws creep into my expectations. I need constant reminders that my relationship with God is based on grace, faith and love.

There are lots of ways to turn away from the faith. I have to guard against them all.

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