Monday, August 29, 2011

A New Wardrobe

When I think about God’s immensity, I catch a glimpse of my own smallness. But I’m not  insignificant because He cares about me. In fact, I can make God sad. He grieves over me when my life doesn’t please Him. I am able to bring sorrow to the Holy Spirit by the way I live.

This is true because I belong to Him. He has identified me as His own. He did this by giving me a new nature that He urges me to put on. In a way, it’s as if God’s people wear a uniform. Instead of brass buttons and a gold stripe down the leg, it’s a white robe. But I need to throw off my old clothing and put on the new robe so the Spirit can renew my thoughts and attitudes. 

When I don’t, I grieve the Holy Spirit.

It’s good to clean out my closet once in a while and throw out the old clothes that have accumulated. Let’s see, those lies don’t fit me anymore. And that anger, bitterness and rage; why did I ever think that was attractive? Oh and those harsh words and slander; they never did fit properly. In fact, I’d better throw out all the evil behavior in here. No point in keeping any of it.

One of the fun things about cleaning out my closet is that it leaves lots of room for new clothes. I’m wearing the white robe of righteousness, so I don’t’ need to hang it in the closet, but how about hanging the truth in there. It matches the good, helpful and encouraging things I can say. Oh, and giving generously is so pretty. Then I can finish my wardrobe with a matched set of kindness, tender-heartedness and forgiveness.

If I ever wonder what I should put on in the morning, I can always take a look at God and see what He’s wearing. I’ll follow His fashion trend instead of the world’s. 

I was created to be like God, so I’ll dress like Him, in righteousness and holiness and then He won’t grieve over me.

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