Friday, June 10, 2011

The Eye of the Needle

Here’s a scary thought: by the world’s standards, I’m rich. I should know, since I grew up seeing poverty that most Americans wouldn’t imagine. No, having a nice house and two cars and lots to eat is not the scary part.

The scary part is that my riches are not only worthless in God’s economy, they’re going to used against me on judgment day. They’re proof that I cheated and oppressed Innocent people under me who didn’t resist. I should be in anguish over this.

I’ll be the first person to say that’s an extreme interpretation of the passage. I don’t really think I’m rich and I’m pretty sure I haven’t oppressed anyone.

But I am living in luxury and most of my desires are satisfied. Have I just fattened myself for the day of slaughter?

If I’m going to take this seriously, I need to ask if anyone has been oppressed or hurt by my lifestyle? I’m pretty lazy about finding out where things I buy are made or under what conditions. Maybe it’s time for me to pay attention to things like fair trade. I can check with friends who are more committed to this than I am.

Besides that, how do I use the wealth God has blessed me with? Do I give enough? Do I use it to help others?

I‘ve been really burdened for the people of Alabama and Missouri and Massachusetts who have lost everything in the tornadoes, and those on the Mississippi River. First God put them on my heart so I could pray. Now I think He’s asking me to do more. He’s recently given us extra money so we can give. I’m really glad that I can, but I need to ask God to keep me aware of how Wayne and I use our resources. I want to be more than a good steward. I want to live a life of sacrifice.

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