Thursday, June 16, 2011

Serve the Only God

The God of Israel is the only God. There is no other. He always has been the only God and always will be. Now here’s the amazing part. The only God chose Israel:

To be His servant
To know Him
To believe in Him
To understand that He’s the only God

No wonder there are lots of religions. No one else gets it because God didn’t choose them. On the other hand, Israel is God’s witness. They are the ones who testify about who God is. So the world can know God because He has revealed Himself to Israel. 

The whole world must turn to Him for salvation. There isn’t any other salvation to be found. In the end, everyone will kneel before Him and pledge allegiance to Him. He said it, so it’s going to happen.

I’m not Jewish, but as a Christian, I stand in an awesome privileged place. He chose Christians too and grafted us into the tree that has a Jewish root. 

But note the tense. He’s not talking to individuals; he’s talking to the nation of Israel (or the Church). As a believer, I’m part of the Body of Christ. I can’t know, believe in or serve God by myself. I can only do it within the Church. My belief in God is strengthened when my knowledge of Him increases. That happens in church through sermons, prayers and Bible Study.

I serve God by bringing the people He brings into my life into the fellowship of the Church. I can’t just witness to them and leave them foundering. They need to make friends with other Christians so they can see Jesus in us all. Further, if I’m going to invite people to church, then I need to help make sure there are events to bring them to. And if other people bring someone to church, I should be friendly to them. I have a responsibility to help make the church welcoming.

There’s only one God and He wants to use me to get the message out. Amazing.

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