Wednesday, June 22, 2011


God’s people are those who fear the Lord and always think about the honor of His name. He calls them His own special treasure and He spares them from judgment.

About six months ago, the diamond fell out of my wedding ring. It was only a little one because Wayne didn’t have much when he asked me to marry him. But I’ve always treasured it and didn’t want a bigger one, even when we could afford it. I kept wearing the ring without the diamond because I’ve gained weight and my knuckle has swollen so I couldn’t take it off. Yesterday, I finally had the ring cut off. I know it doesn’t make me any less married, but it feels funny. I treasure the ring and the commitment Wayne made to me when he put it on my finger. In fact, the ring is a symbol that I am Wayne’s treasure.

I love that God uses marriage as a symbol of His relationship to His Church. We are His treasure, just like I’m Wayne’s treasure.

And that love of God is the difference between the righteous and wicked.

So how should I respond to this amazing favor? Of course I respond with love, like I do to Wayne. But there’s more to my relationship with God, because He is God.

I should fear Him. He is the righteous judge. When I was first married, and my only responsibility was caring for our home, I used to spend all day reading or swimming or doing other fun things. Then, about an hour before Wayne was due home, I ran around cleaning and getting supper ready. I was a little afraid he’d be mad if he knew I hadn’t taken care of my responsibilities. I should feel that way about God. He’s given me work to do and I should do it to please Him, but also to not displease Him.

I should always think about honoring and respecting Him. He should always be on my mind, like a newlywed always thinking about her love. I should always be thinking about how wonderful He is and how I can please Him.

Because I'm His special treasure, He makes me righteous and spares me from judgement.

Speaking of treasure, my relationship with God is like two sides of a coin – one side is righteousness which keeps me from judgment, the other is fearing and honoring God.

One side God does, the other side I do; the whole coin is the treasure.

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