Friday, June 17, 2011

Good Plans

God’s plans for me are good. The creator of the universe has specific plans to do good to me.

Most of my life has been filled with goodness. I had a friend in college who told me I was the kind of person whose peanut butter sandwich always fell right side up. So most of the time I know God’s plans are good. 

But sometimes I look at people I know who are suffering. The friend who lost her son at a young age. The one who’s going through weeks of chemo. The lonely, grieving widow. The couple who are learning to live with the devastating results of an accident. It’s harder to believe God has good plans for them. That’s when I remember how God worked good in Neal’s life.

It certainly seemed like a disaster when he was lying in the hospital bed dying; when the cancer came back and he had to have a second transplant; when it came back again.

But God gave him a future and a hope. Neal has done the two things he really wanted – graduated from college and gotten married. God listened when we prayed and His mercies were new every morning. He was always there when we looked for Him. He ended Neal’s captivity and restored his fortunes – beyond anything we could have imagined. He brought him home – from the hospital, from the results of stroke, from the cancer clinic. He brought him home to Ruthanne.

He gave Neal and Ruthanne their own land. I can believe He will do the same for everyone else who trusts Him because He loves them. That is something worth praying for.

For Neal

The One
Who knows you best
Is the One
Who loves you best
Is the One
Whose plans are best
Is the One
Who’s best able
To do what He deems best
To prosper
Not to harm
To give you hope
And a future

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