Thursday, June 30, 2011

Enthusiasm and Hard Work

I’m not the kind of person who wears her heart on her sleeve. In fact, I’m pretty low key about my emotions, although they’re in there somewhere. I’m also low key about other things. For instance, I can work hard at something if it’s caught my interest or if I have to, but I usually do it at a fairly slow pace. I'll be honest. I'm often too lazy to work hard or to get excited.

So this verse is difficult for me. Don't be lazy. Work hard and serve God enthusiastically. It comes in the middle of other admonitions to do things with passion.

Love sincerely
Hate wrong
Hold tightly to good
Love genuinely
Delight in honoring others
Rejoice in confident hope
Be patient in trouble
Pray without ceasing
Practice hospitality eagerly

I am passionate about things I care deeply about. A friend at work used to call me Piranha Woman because I could get really intense about issues I thought were important. I do that sometimes when I’m debating issues about God. But my enthusiasm is strategic. I only get excited about a few things. This verse tells me to be passionate about serving God, so I’ll work hard at the things He gives me to do.

I can learn a lot about this from my daughter. While our church was advertizing VBS, Eryn looked around and saw that most of the churches in our area (and there are a lot of them) are doing the same VBS program we are. She started reminiscing about the Marketplace 29 AD program our old church did and got excited about proposing it to our pastor. She threw herself into researching and wrote a good proposal within a day. She called me every half hour with ideas and questions. She called the assistant pastor at the old church for advice. She wrote up a proposal booklet and looked for pictures and websites. She essentially dropped everything else to work on this project.

Now that’s enthusiasm and hard work.

I should also throw myself into God’s service and do it with excitement and a passion to please Him.

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