Friday, July 1, 2011

Swimming in God's Blessings

I really want a swimming pool. I’m not a very active person, but I’ve always loved to swim. When I’m swimming, everything else goes away and I’m just happy. I live near the beach – which is a dream come true – but I can’t go every day and even though I love the ocean, there’s something about a pool. Our development doesn’t have a community pool, so I get jealous of people who do have one.

I’ve learned to enjoy looking at things I can’t have, like big houses and beautiful gardens, but I really want a pool.

So this Psalm addresses that desire (along with some others). Jealousy of those more prosperous than me tears me up inside. Why should they have more than me, especially the ones who are not very nice people? They seem to have everything with no consequences. But their destiny is destruction.

When I realize this and look to God instead of looking for material success, I realize:

I belong to God – even in the midst of my bitterness.
He holds my right hand.
His counsel guides me.
He leads me to a glorious destiny.
I want Him more than anything on earth, even a swimming pool.
God remains the strength of my heart even when my health fails and my body is weak.
God is mine forever.

Jesus reminded us that moth and rust corrupt, so I should lay up my treasures in heaven.

I can long for the success and riches of the world and end up bitter and unhappy.


I can enjoy God’s love and follow His ways and look forward to this happiness forever.

And once in a while, I can enjoy swimming in a pool. In the meantime, I live at the beach and the ocean water is 85 degrees!

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