Monday, July 18, 2011


When I really look at God’s reaction to His people, the contrast between good and evil gets clearer. God really hates evil. It makes Him angry when people do it and think He won’t notice. 

This passage is a list of the things He hates. He’s warning His people to repent or He will tear them apart. When I look at these things, I need to ask if I’m doing them. If I am, I need to repent so I don’t get torn apart. If I do repent, He’ll reveal His salvation to me. 

It’s kind of a no-brainer. Don’t repent and fall apart. Repent and be saved.

But after I repent, how do I act? I can’t go back to acting this way. So if I turn these evil things around, I can see the things He loves. This list of things God hates can be a guide to the ways that please God.

  • Instead of pretending to obey His covenant (going through the motions), I truly believe He died for my sins and trust Him for salvation.
  • Instead of treating His words like trash, I cherish His Word by reading and following it (and memorizing favorite passages).
  • Instead of approving of thieves, I thank Him for the abundant material gifts He’s given me (and be a good steward of them).
  • Instead of spending time with adulterers, I remain committed to my husband (in fact, I think he’s pretty wonderful.)
  • Instead of telling lies (even little white ones), I strive for honesty in my relationships.
  • Instead of slandering my brother (which would be hard to do since he’s a great guy), I talk about my wonderful extended family (and my church family).
My prayer is that God will teach me to hate what He hates and follow His ways always.

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