Monday, July 4, 2011

No Worries

I heard that when the recent tornado hit Massachusetts, it sucked up all the water when it crossed a river. I wonder if that was what it looked like when the Israelites crossed the Red Sea. It must have been pretty scary, even though they got across safely. Yet their response to God's power was faith, along with their awe. It made them believe and trust in Him.

I should respond to God's power the same way.

First, I need to be aware of His power. I should give Him credit for the awesome things I see, like the thunderstorm the other night and the walls of wisteria in the spring. I should remember the miracles I’ve witnessed, like Neal’s healing. Most of all I should remember my salvation and the unfailing love and overflowing redemption He offers me. He promised to redeem Israel from every kind of sin and He’s done the same for me. When I think of His power, I should also thank Him for all He’s already done.

Second, I will respond to His power in awe. When I watch a thunderstorm, I realize that awe has an element of fear in it. It’s appropriate to be afraid of God, even when I know He loves me. I know He will always do good to me, but I also know that I am always doing things that displease Him. He will – and should – discipline me.

But I also bow down before Him because He is powerful and awesome. It has nothing to do with me or my actions. It’s simply responding to His might. It’s like staring in amazement at the Grand Canyon or a tiger at the zoo. He takes my breath away.

Third, I will trust Him. The mighty God who does great things is able to continue to do them for me. He’s eternal and unchanging. I trust Him because He’s the eternal rock, the solid footing under my feet when everything else is moving. Trusting means fixing my mind on Him. It means thinking about Him continually, submitting my circumstance to Him all the time. It means talking to Him about everything.

Hope in the Lord.
Don’t worry about anything.
Tell God what I need.

And then the blessings come raining down. I start in awe and fear and end in security, peace, happiness and delight.

When I trust in God and do good, I live in safety and prosperity.
When I trust in God and commit everything I do to Him, He helps me.
When I trust in God and keep my thoughts fixed on Him, He keeps me in perfect peace.
When I trust in God and delight in Him, He will give me my heart’s desire.
When I trust in God, He gives me peace that passes understanding.

Don’t worry, be happy.

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