Friday, July 8, 2011

Protect, Rescue & Restore

Psalm 14 

I almost used the word “idiot” in my last post. It’s a sensitive word in Eryn’s house because her three and five year old aren’t allowed to use it. They heard it in a movie and it stuck. I tend to use it on other drivers when they’re in the car and then I have to apologize. Eryn tells them that grownups can use words that kids can’t. 

Even bad drivers aren’t really idiots, but God says there are fools in the world. Fools are people who don’t believe in God. That makes sense to me. You have to be pretty dumb not to acknowledge that the world was made by someone or something.

But people that don’t believe in God are more than foolish. They are evil, corrupt and don’t do good. The Psalmist tells us that everyone turns away from God and no one does good. No one seeks Him. 

On the other hand, he says that God is with those who obey Him, so someone knows Him. He protects His people, so someone belongs to Him. In fact, God promises to restore His people. 

It looks like there is no hope for anyone. We’re all evil; none of us look for God. We don’t even know enough to pray – to ask Him to help us find Him.

But He has chosen a people who do obey Him. He protects, rescues and restores them.

I knew Him at a young age, so I don’t remember a time when I didn’t seek Him or pray to Him. But I know people who don’t. I have to ask God to choose them. They won’t go looking for Him on their own. 

God has to initiate before they can respond. I pray He will claim them and protect, rescue and restore them.

Protect them from the evil world they live in, and from their ignorance that it is evil. I pray He will protect them from wrong attitudes, bad choices, and things that will harm them and those they love.

Rescue them from the consequences of the evil they do. Since they don’t acknowledge God, they don’t recognize evil for what it is.

Restore them to a right relationship with Him and bring them into the safety of His love. 

Then I will shout for joy and we will rejoice together.


  1. This is an incredibly timely post for me personally - I've been praying fervently for some people who just don't get it - protection is one of the things I ask for them, and that they recognize the evil they do.

    Thank you so much.

  2. I want the ones I love to come to the Lord now. But I know I have to wait for God to call them in His time. It's comforting to know He blesses both the saved and the unsaved, so I can expect Him to protect them. I can rest in the knowledge that He loves them too.