Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To Do List

I recently discovered that my computer has a post-it note function. I now have post-its all over my desktop. Each one is a to do list in a different category – housework, errands, crafts, writing, etc. It’s a way to motivate myself, but it’s also a way to be in control of my life.

In his book, The Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard says that the part of our life that we control is our kingdom. That makes sense in so many ways, but I’m going to concentrate on the little kingdom that I control right now.

The devil tempted Jesus by offering Him control of the kingdoms of the world if He would worship Satan. The Israelites knew that God was their father and master but they showed contempt for His name by offering defiled sacrifices. Their imperfect worship was evidence that they did not accept His control over their kingdom.

What price am I paying to be in control of my kingdom?
  • Worshipping the wrong thing to get what I want.
  • Giving God second best to keep what I want.

From the time a child learns to say “no” or “I do it” she is trying to be in control of her own little kingdom. But, of course, she’s not able to make good choices and wise parents keep control over the big things.

A servant often wants to be the master. When I was working, there were plenty of times when I disagreed with the decisions made by my bosses. I wanted to be able to control my own work because I thought I understood it better than they did.

But a son honors his father and a servant respects his master. When they do, they are rewarded and when they don’t they usually receive some sort of punishment. God is my father; He loves, disciplines, trains and provides for me. God is my master; He gives me work and rewards me for it.

I don’t usually think of it this way, but I have a choice between being an obedient daughter or a rebellious one. I can do what I want or respect God. It comes down to submitting my will to His, seeking His Kingdom, not mine. When I submit, my Father will bless me with everything I need or want.

This doesn’t mean I should throw away my to do list. Instead, I should pray over it. It can be a way to control my kingdom OR it can be a way to submit it to Him.

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