Thursday, July 14, 2011

Foolish Child

God says His people are foolish children who don’t know Him. They are clever at doing wrong, but don’t know how to do right. My ability to be good, to do right, is wholly dependent on my knowledge of God. The better I know Him, the more able I’ll be to live righteously.

I know a lot about God and I know Him personally, but sometimes it’s good to review the basics. On Mars Hill, Paul told the pagans who God is.

He created the world.
He’s the Lord of Heaven and earth.
He doesn’t live in man-made temples.
He has no needs that humans can meet.
He gives life and breath to everything and satisfies every need of His creation.
He created all nations from one man; He decides their rise and fall and their boundaries.
His purpose for the nations is for them to find Him.
He’s not far from any of us; we move and live and exist in Him.
He’s not an idol made by men.
Now is the time to repent of sins and turn to Him.
He will judge the world by the man He appointed (Jesus).
He proved who that is by raising Him from the dead.

God is the Lord of nations. Mubarak, Qaddafi, Obama, and all other political leaders are in power by His will so people will find Him. 

This passage reminds me that God is sovereign. He made everything for His purposes. His purpose includes saving me by Jesus’ death and resurrection. It also includes an intention for me to do good.
The God who places kings on thrones and sets the boundaries of nations, knows me and cares how I act. He knows that I’m a stupid child who wants my own way. But He also has done everything necessary to make me righteous.

I stand in awe.

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