Thursday, July 7, 2011

Not a Conspiracy

I’m reading a book by Robert Ludlum. I like his books because they have complex plots that keep me guessing who is behind it all. They’re full of conspiracies, but they’re fiction. But I know some people who revel in conspiracy theories in real life. The secret organization that controls everything from the Kennedy assassination to the current economic crisis. I think those people see conspiracies because they are afraid and because they have no control over the big things that can hurt them.

What can we do about rising gas prices and falling real estate prices? What can we do about the high unemployment rate? What can we do when Social Security runs out? What can we do when taxes go up? What can we do when terrorists attack our cities?

But most people are afraid of the wrong things. Even if the economy crashes, even if untrustworthy men and women run the government, even if terrorists do more damage, God’s armies are stronger; fear the Lord.

Don’t think like everyone else.
Don’t be afraid of what they are afraid of.
Don’t look for conspiracies.

God has a more powerful army; the hosts of heaven can crush human armies. He is more powerful than anything that can hurt me. His armies can protect His people. Tremble before the Lord of Heaven’s armies. He will keep me safe.


Tremble before His armies? Being afraid of God is what will keep me safe?

Maybe God wants us to fear Him the way we might fear a bonfire. It keeps us warm, it cooks our marshmallows and we are very careful around it because it can burn us or get out of control and burn our house.

I envision His army as a wall. It stands between the people and their enemy. On one side the enemy faces the weapons and on the other side the people see its back as a barrier between them and danger. It’s a scary thing, but you’re safe if you’re on the right side of it.

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