Friday, July 15, 2011

New Strength

When I think about God, it’s like pouring oil on a ball; my thoughts slide off and I have a hard time staying focused on Him alone. The images in this passage help me to see Him a for a little longer.

He’s the Creator of everything:

I imagine Him making the world like a friend I watched making pizza dough. God weighed the earth and mountains on a scale, measured the heavens with his fingers, and scooped up the oceans in His hand. Or I think of Him using a lump of Play-Doh like my granddaughter does. He made each star, lined them up and named them. 

He’s the Ruler of the world:

All of creation is insignificant to Him. The nations are like a drop in a bucket, or like dust on the scales. The whole world is like a grain of sand he picks up. In fact, all the wood and all the animals in Lebanon’s forest are not enough for an adequate sacrifice. God sits above the earth and people are like grasshoppers; the sky is like a curtain He spreads out for a tent.

What we consider greatness, means nothing to God. People like kings and presidents who achieve the pinnacle of success barely get started and then He blows on them and they wither.

He’s the only God:

In Shanghai, we saw a statue of Buddha that was covered with gold. We wondered that an idol could be so beautiful. The best work of the best craftsmen can’t create an idol that would compare to Him. No one made God. He has no equal; there’s no one to whom we can compare Him.

And then, after thinking about God and starting to grasp His greatness so that I can say with Job in awe, “I shut my mouth,” He reminds me what He does for me.

He gives power to weak little me; He gives me new strength so I can fly like an eagle, and run without getting tired. The incomparable Creator of all there is, sustains me.

With His strength I can walk and not grow weary today, in His service and to His glory.

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