Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Sure Promise

If someone wanders away from the truth

They can be brought back.

They can be saved from death.

They can be forgiven for many sins.

I can be sure of this.

Wayne has a list of family members that he prays for daily. He calls them his “twenty-two.” I’m inspired by his love for his family and his commitment to them. He believes they’re running out of time because Jesus is coming back. The great thing is that the promises in this passage are about some of the people he’s praying for. God’s going to answer those prayers.

The other night I dreamed about someone I know who has wandered from the truth. When I woke up I prayed for him and I realized that he has always been the leader in his family. When he comes back to the Lord, the others will follow.

He’s a good man. He’s a good friend, a hard worker and loves his family. But he abandoned God a long time ago. He’s living the American dream and he’s spiritually empty. I’m going to pray for him – and his family as a corollary – daily. It’s good to know that my prayers will be effective because God wants to answer them. 

What a promise.

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